A Second Is All It Took (adult theme)

I can smell her in a room, she is no where near
A flash of that movement we passed, appeared
The briefest smile that lit up the room
Her lavender wave set my heart to boom
Filling me up with her tonic and gin
Her fizz tickles the swallow with a grin

A second is all it took
Stuttering words from a book
Blabbing on, feeling sick
In love, fell like a brick

With every swing, a miss and a strike
The sound of the call from the umpires bite
Stuck in the minors, shagging my own balls
Dreaming of a night, by chance befalls
To taste her alluring lips
As two passing ships

A second is all it took
A tug and a jerk
Sprung to attention
Conductors orchestration

Kisses and bites on her neck
That trails to her breasts
Sweeping the belly
Tongue swirling the innie
Heading for the valley
Diving in madly

A second is all it took
The final stroke, broke
The dream to end
With a mess on my hand


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