Taking A Break

A brewing storm, trees that sway back and forth
Trunk to tip they arch and lift
Roots exposed, letting go of earths embrace
Rain that falls flooding every nook and crevice
Pools of water crest, washing away what litters path
As darkness comes, candles lit
Cast they do, flames, flicker on walls
An eerie sight as shadows dance
Wielding swords that never touch
A match between light and dark
With every thrust a tear sheds
When the eyes of love stares into loss
The silence broken, when lightning strikes
Battle sounds with a thunderous crack
Piercing the heart with a fatal blow
When words finally spoken
It’s not you…it’s me…I’ve got to go
The candles wax all but gone
Lays in a waxy puddle
As the dying flame with its last breath
Burns out


(taking a break. Β love to all).