Before I Die

Feel the embossed skin, as fingers glide along
Smooth to the head, to stare into pebble eyes
Let me taste, the meat and flesh of a snake
So I know the devil, when face to face

Stand on the edge, without fear for life
See beyond the fall, where the sky carries on
To speak the truth, whomever it may come upon
Forgive, forget, the past and all regrets

Love under stars, not to count them all
But to wish, for each in a cluster as one
Embracing the breath of a soul
The one, given, the key to my heart

Sensuous sex that lasts all night long
Touching, feeling, hearing moans in song
Deep sultry kisses, that trembles lips
Repeating over and over, the yearning call for more

Pornographic play with one, no two, yeah two
The kind where all three are masturbating each other
Fucking brains out, who needs lube when bodily fluids flow
Ecstatic screams of bliss, the trio, one by one cum and blow

Hold a gun with a single bullet in the chamber
Russian Roulette, dare to pull the trigger
A beating heart, racing to the brain
Blind to the world, but for what, is at hand

Stand by a coffin, made of pine
Above timber, soaked to set afire
A vision of a ghost in the final hour
Before I Die, have I filled on desire


good night friends. have a pleasant weekend πŸ™β€οΈβž°

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