catch a, falling star, keep it in your pocket
save it, for a day, when you really need it
there will, come a time, when you gotta use it
when that, time arrives, you will surely know it
if now, then you must, for heaven sake release it
do feel, your heart shine, as brightly and see it
lift high, to the sky, crowning head now hold it
with sighs, close your eyes, make a wish believe it
take stock, count it out, one to ten now say it

in whispered breaths,
i wish,
i wish,
i really wish it!


hi guys. if you are seeing this then you are but a few. something like 20.
in a slump
i tried this out to see if i can get the flow right. im not happy but its a start.
if you like, press that butttton….if not dont, but tell me what it lacks.
please be honest 🙏❤️ and forthright
i can take critiquing
my whole life is that lol

i hope you are all well. im reading you still when i can and will always read you.
peace and love to all
Mr Stone, if by chance you see this, come on in. we have a song to write.

Antony ➰

Edited, I think I found feet!!!!
the photo has the original poem still just as a reference.
thank you M’Bliss, WetBliss

gang, if you are not following this sultry lady, please do. she is amazing and talented and just fucking cool.