The Bucket List Series: #2 ~ A Duet with Ax

From a coffee shop back alley to the sky above land and sea. This couple checking off a list made up of sensuous lust and love.
I hope you enjoy this next installment. I wonder what’s next for Mr and Mrs Smith. Stay tuned for next months adventure.
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Wet Bliss

Written by: Antony & Wet Bliss

The Mile High Club: Check


Finally, a three-day getaway and a chance to play
Flying the open friendly skies, aboard the red-eye
Lights off in the cabin, our seat-belts unfastened
Under arm and covers, new experiences to discover
Warmth pressed to cheek, urges fingers to release
Quietly unzipping his fly she leans in to give it a try
Licking the oozing slit, rubbing moisture on her lips
Pressure builds as they ascend trying not to offend
Those sitting at arms length, as they give and take
Defying set behaviors for intimacy goals to savor

Speeding through the sky, high above the clouds
Stars glitter the night, in a wondrous sight
Streaking asteroids zip by, holding breath with a sigh
Soft slurping sounds, brings a rise and swell to crown
Sucking deep, kneading balls, a twitch kicks
Ssh, she whispers, sit back and relax

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34 thoughts on “The Bucket List Series: #2 ~ A Duet with Ax

      1. OMG! I love you more now. I’ll bring a suitcase full and a file. Shouldn’t I bring a file?

        Have you ever seen the movie White Palace with Susan Sarandon & James Spader?

      2. Depends. Do you like James Spader as an actor? I think it’s great and one of their sex scenes is SO HOT

      3. So, I’ll stop in St. Louis – score the burgers – head to NYC – pick up Em – head north and knock down your door!

      4. Haha! I love this. Here I am trying to catch up on Ax’s stuff and stumble upon you guys talking about me. I’m a bit out of the loop as I’ve been busy “making love to NYC”, but I love the idea of being stolen away by Rita to Ax in CA. Love you guys. 🙂 ❤ Back home, now.

      5. Right? Seriously. Could have slept 24 hours straight, instead…just 6. Actually about to take a nap. Then tap into the good old noggin for some NYC inspiration. 🙂

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