Dark rises from its buried depths
grasping the life of this vessel
a puppet strung on strings
led by hatred of all things.

Throughout his life
never a care for any man or woman
where love, never received nor given
now lays dying asking to be forgiven.

His insincere cries are deaf except for one
the one who knows forgiveness will not come
squeezing the final drop of air
his demon watches with a deadly stare.

Cannot rob the final minutes
this demon will not let it end
he will hold until the final second
a heartless mans deeds will be reckoned.

A soul that was sold in a deal
at the crossroads a contract made
signed in oath a quill dipped in blood
the tip, razor sharp point that stunned.

Years that pass sitting on a throne
gifted by the dark prince, to honor
the pact of living in a material world
delivering souls of men, with hearts unfurled.

Raising an army of demon soldiers
while paupers are kept under guard
building kingdoms and cities out of fear
paid by the taxes, collected year after year.

The final beat of an old heart
that still pumps the guilt of mankind
with his final breath he pleads once more
as satan shuts the door.

Steal from death, darks only glory
creating misery, is darks sole purpose
“forgiveness will not come today”
these are darks words, his has, final say.


5 thoughts on “Unforgiven

  1. Ax, This was profound and sad, my friend. Beautiful nonetheless, as always.

    “where love, never received nor given
    now lays dying asking to be forgiven”

    “Love was always given and received
    Now asks once more to be perceived”

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