Guard His Light (a story of a tiger and his boy)

Repost of an oldie. I’m still trying to find a flow I’m happy with. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday. πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

Thoughts...exploding in my head

The only one who would listen as I told stories of jungle expeditions
Deep where trees soared high and the bush was lush and green
The sun would blaze casting a sweltering haze that choked a gaze
Hunters gathered, sporting rifles loaded, my curiosity goaded
Followed along listening to their song, sung of trophies snared, winded stories made long
Practice shots taken at monkeys dangling from branches dropped and left to rot
Train of guides packed like mules, carrying sacks that clanked with one ahead who tracked
Mumbo-Jumbo words they only know, close they are for what they came for
A moment frozen in time as the sounds of the jungle paused they hushed in mime
The one with the rifle turned, sweat beading down his face that glazed his steely eyes
No one moved or dared as they stared at me, the prize
A rhythmic purr escaped long and…

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