Pass The Dutchie  ~  ii 

Every breath, once would sting
The in, the out, the shaking about
In count, one, two, three, now blows free
Releasing hold of weight, now drowning

Every breath, now sings
The sad going in, comes out in a hymn
In praise of those met, in this life of sin
Who have inspired to live as desired

Every breath, once would cry
Unheard wails that would vibrate walls
Deaf to the ears that lived, in a shared space
Soothed by the eyes, fueled by wifi

Every breath, now sighs
In peace is found, a once hardened heart
Releasing breath of the past
Inhaling, need of life, for a futures creed

Every breath, once would speak
The words of forgiveness, we all seek
To err is human, to forgive is divine love
Is it that hard? to let anger, go the way of


Best day of the year is coming. April 20th. 4:20 happens 3 times
not that i follow that rule, i smoke pretty much when I want. except in church but I dont go to church (me thinks, I is damned)

21 thoughts on “Pass The Dutchie  ~  ii 

  1. In peace is found . . . my all time favorite line ❤️.

    Denver will double in size on 4/20

  2. Not going to church makes you damned? Me thinks not! Writing is worship, at least for me. Where I’m closest to my soul. But that’s just me 🙂

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