As Tears Do, They Flood

As tears do, they flood with a heavy blur
Sadness, overwhelmed her
Lost in the mist, brokenhearted and bound by the past
A soul, alone, angry and bitter at what life had cast
Restraining her mind, wrapped in braided twine
The sun did not leave its celestial place nor did it hide
Held captive, a prisoner trapped from rising high
To feel the freedom of wings that open up to the sky
Her constant crying from all the sadness was finally heard
By a flock of angels that swooped down like birds
Who appeared latching on to her precious life
Each, a strand held by their gripping claws at a time of strife
Their delicate wings rose with the strength of heavens grace
Lifting her spirit above the land that consumed her beautiful face
Each breath inhaled cleared her thoughts
Rising higher it released all the knotts
Below her dangling feet that swung back and forth
A childhood lost, now found flying above the earth
Leaving behind the troubles of the heart
On a journey to search for a new start
Beyond the greyness
A rainbow waits boundless
A smile curls for the first time
So peaceful, so sublime
At the thought of love
Her own that would rise above
As tears do, they flood with a heavy blur
As happiness, overwhelmed her


12 thoughts on “As Tears Do, They Flood

  1. beautiful doesn’t do this poem justice–majestic is more apt. This is every broken heart’s dream and its fondest wish whispered on the edge of sleep. I wish it came true in reality. I wish what was broken could mend.

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