Lost, That Lovin’ Feelin’

The world turns, night fades out to light
Eyes creek open, to find a morning bright

Sleep she does, as sheets swarm her body
Hugging curves, swooping down like honey

His eyes glide followed by the tips of fingers
A subtle alarm to wake her with tingles

As her eyes meet his
In a good morning kiss

Face to face with feet hugging
Knees collide, funny bone kind of feeling

A love once was, now wound tight
It repeats itself but saying good night

With every tick of a clock that tocks by
Sun and Moon taking turns in the sky

The space between growing apart
Night and Day, Heart to Heart

Touch becomes forgotten
As eyes now creep open

Cursing the sun for its early rise
Would prefer the glow of the moons cries

A tap on the ass and a morning peck on the cheeks
That too fades as more time leaks

Young loves playful mood
Turns a bitter shrewd

Saying good night at different times
Sleeping apart, are telling signs

Adding it up to whatever the reason
Lost, that lovin’ feelin’


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    1. Chill Missy lol. I think it’s my fault. Every time I go private it messes up something haha. I’m a pain in the butts
      How are you? So great to see you too πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

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