The Power of Imagination

Near to the point of scalding, water running
Glides over flesh, head to toe, wet and soaping
Thoughts exploding in his head
Recalls her form, laying on the bed
Rise it does just ever so slightly
Trickling water flowing over spritely
Swelling girth, bobbing tip to bulge
Flexing muscles, throbbing cock to large
Her vision invades, spreading her legs
Ass in the air, a pounding she begs
Mimic the hips to grind
Between her thighs do find
Her golden pot, waiting to fuck
She whispers “In my ass” a buzz
It jolts, springs to a salute
At attention, straight as a flute
Crown to rim, circles before going in
Slides down to tease her clit
His breathing quickens
Toes curl gripping tiles squeaking
The image of penetrating
With every thrust stimulating
The urge encapsulating
Deep from within erupting
The power of imagination
A shower of masturbation


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