Cool is Cool

Can you hear, the bumblebee?
Can you hear it buzz
A butterfly comes floating by
You watch, as the bee stings
A dope, you are for stepping in the ring
Toe to toe with the king
Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali
Cool is Cool

Golden locks shimmer brighter than gold
A smile so beautiful even her curves fail to hold
A shadow to drown out the glimmer
While the studios drained her glitter
Diamonds are a girls best friend
The truth, all she wanted was love at the end
Norma Jean or Marilyn Monroe
Cool is Cool

Tights and a pointy hat, a smile that’s as sly as a fox
With arrow and bow, true to the point of the eye
Splits one in the air, a miracle of super powers
Did you ever think, who was the first superhero?
Takes from the rich, which was taken from the poor
Hunted by the Sherrif, protected by the forest
Lord Loxley or Robin Hood
Cool is Cool


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