Reveille ~ a duet

Hatred consumes It billows, it fumes Filling space with vile thoughts Bred from desire to destroy Brewed from a heartless ploy To conquer what is not yours From tribal gatherings To spaceship armies In the vastness of times embrace Fists throwing rocks To detonators set to digital clocks Killing is now easier when miles apart […]

I am so excited about this collaboration. Ive enjoyed Ryans work so much, always had an eye on the chance of meeting on a piece like this. What an honor it is to write with a classic poet. I hope you enjoy. Please follow the link above. It will take you to Ryans blog. if you do not know of him….shame! lets make a game. click link, click follow, enjoy! Thank me later 😝

Mr Ryan Stone. fuck dude, you are awesome. Thank you for your time and friendship.
hugs πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

“Stoned Ax” sounds like a dynamic duo

21 thoughts on “Reveille ~ a duet

  1. well done gentlemen! This is an outstanding poem that calls attention to a fundamental problem. We need to take better care of those who protect us. This is a call to aid.

  2. Stoned Ax…awesome! Haha. You two make a great team and I’m so glad I know you both.

  3. stoned Alex … you are funny and I shall thank you now and then read and thank you again … stoned agatha x

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