maryjane maryjane, my little sweet maryjane
wrapped in fine lace round sweet sativa-strain

lighting one end, sucking on the other
taking a trip into space or is it in outer

focus your vision, am about to express
the need for quail, chicks with finesse

driving men mad, with lips painted bright
stars floating by, deep into the night

bobbing and weaving, lickity-sucky
driving, daddy, batty

there in the back, where its dark and seedy
smoke house blues, private party

feelin the groove, its a cats meow
frothy lips, dribbling now

living this life, high on an edge
playing it cool, out on a ledge

taking a chance, what life’s all about
Its rock
and roll, its twist n shout

drink a little, dance a lot
read a poem, make love hot, hot, hot


happy 420
blaze in a haze, please be safe