Her breasts heave, they perspire in heated air
The joyful heart of a doe, a hen, in springs flair
How love brings about wishes that come true
Like in a Opera, the story develops, act 1 scene 2

Letting go of the proper side of being that kind of lady
Soft and dainty, frills without the thrills of getting sexy
Her love is true, yet a burning stirs inside that’s blue
It’s hot and it flames with a want to live anew

Her thoughts are sung, slow and long
When another joins in, to sing her song
His voice is deep as oceans are
She melts and stares, long and far

He speaks to her of a life as one
As true a statement, never before done
Always an end to every story told
For another love, to have to hold

Eternity are where dreams are kept
A place no one ever sees to regret
A dream is a dream after all
It lives in the hearts of a porcelain doll