Cornfields that stretch for miles
Crossroads collecting dust into piles
Traveling through the heartland
Tomorrow comes planned
Friday Night Lights, Homecoming fights
Men chasing Women, Women chasing Men
Hayfields about to burst and match the Suns golden thirst
Little towns low to the ground
Farms and a General Store where everyone knows your name
A apple pie simple life, some, thinking outside the box

Big city bright, that lights up the sky at night
Towers that climb higher and higher
Stacked with bankers and insurance brokers
Valet parking underneath filled with Audis and Beemers
Down below the streets, caverns with a beat showing off meat
Men chasing Women, Women chasing Men
Carving a life in a concrete jungle
Surrounded by subdivisions, some humble
A multitude of people, faces without names
Suits and denims, chic and meek, some, thinking outside the box

Time stand still, lost in thought
Of leaving behind a life that is for want
The every day same, the same every day
There must be something, out there
Like a tree firmly rooted to the ground
Branches, outstretched, reaching for the stars
The yearning song of heart sings inside
But fails to let the voice ring out
Afraid to take a chance, to save a name
Would rather stay planted, than think, outside the box