You, Don’t Want Me To…

My eyes would burn a path, light the trees from trunk to leaves
Creating a runway by igniting the darkness down the middle
While the fire explodes, one by one rising
A flash mob effect but way fucking better
You, don’t want me to…but if I did, my arms would stretch out
And hold, yes hold. Not stand like a fool
Waiting for you to make the first move
I’d come at you like the wind and fuck your soul
To feel the spirit of what I know is inside of you
Imagine our spirits making love
Before we ever touch
They would meld and swirl
The world would twirl
Trembles, rumbles, bodies crashing
Spinning around, tornado touching
Down to the ground, tearing up
A force of lust, erupts
Eyes that meet never part
Soaking in, heart to heart
Beats that sync in a rhythm
The pounding sounds of flowing senses
From first of sight to the smell of you
An ache to taste every drip
To the feel of what could be real
When moans are heard
Echoing across the universe
You, don’t want me to…but if I did…


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