White cakes, airy and light
Filled with soft buttery cream
It delicately strokes the palate
As a divinely sung ballad.
Caressing the lips to taste it’s sweetness
As it coats the tongue with meekness
Blanketity curled hugs that act as a calming lullaby
Simple love beating inside vanilla
Now take a chocolaty, chocolaty cake
Oh what the gods had made
Dark magic, spread over lust
Lips licked on every bite a must
As spice from the depths of desire
Catches fire
It swells the mouth drawing moisture
Overwhelming want to dive for oyster
Pearled little nub at the top of the shell
Glistens from the thrashing pull of the ocean
Deep within, wave after wave it penetrates
Lightning strikes twice
Right in the same place
As thunder roars
The tempest begins to rest
Found spent
Licking chocolaty covered fingers


11 thoughts on “Chocolate

      1. I’m actually not that fond of chocolate, lol. At least not for ice cream or cake.

    1. Last I chatted she was cooling off taking care of life. I hope she returns. Miss her. Hey, you. Time to check another one off the list…..ready. It’s my turn to start 😈

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