The One

Rolling off the tongue, a savour-full pour
Wine rests in a glass, breathing the night air
A sip or two, to loosen lips that yearns to kiss
The one

A letter drawn, to rekindle a dying fire
The thoughts of; once upon a time invades
With moments of the past fading in
The one

A spinning home, lifting off the ground
Howling wind, torture to the ears
Hoping to land in a place called Oz to find
The one

Going down, the same road
Painted, somewhat gold
Strutting along in Docs, looking for
The one

Hide spread wide, under the sun to dry
Battered metal, scattered around rusting
Straw stuffed in a mattress, making it comfy for
The one

Silky hair, flowing down in curls that rest
Shoulders bare with a smile that says; come here
Ruby red shoes and a twinkle in the eyes of
The one

Lollipop boys fanning the air
Monkeys with wings, serving good fare
Little Dorothy, chained and serenading
The one

A cackling laugh with a screeching sound
The wicked witch of the west pronounced
By the wizard himself, to be
The one

Kneel, and begin to prove your affection
Her words, voiceless heard
As the urge in my head finally found
The one

The taste of willows bark and eye of newt
Musty scent of moss from under foot
The dark allure of
The one

To drink the brew that stews
Boiling cauldron, bubbles with passion
Dirty deeds done, to satisfy
The one

Over and over, fuck the rainbow
Give me the forest, covered by night
High in the castle, with
The one


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