Fondle and Suckle

Covered in honeys dew
From dipping in and out
Rotating round and about
Pressed to flesh, stuck like glue

Grazing cock, shimmies free
Second fiddle, to the middle finger
Swirling the nub, sensations linger
Flowing wet, glistening pussy

A dive so deep, the sea bucked
A wave as high
A tsunamis cry
A rolling surf, about to get fucked

Not before a taste of her own
Pungent sweet
Merrily treat
Fragrant elegance sewn

A whisper commands to suck
Tongue tingles
Fluid mingles
Pop goes the weasels nut

Tapping below with a drummers beat
Blinding stare
Inhaling air
Craving the taste of his hard meat

Licks it dry, up from the knuckle
Twirls around
Going down
To fondle and suckle


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      1. Is that an offer? 😊 I kid. Sometimes it may be sweeter, sometimes you just wanna savor the moment alone. 🙏🏼💜

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