If You Dare To Open

If you dare to open. Look inside, pull out
Everything there is to know, about the real me
You will find, a passion for life, to live and try
Love giving kisses, cheek to cheek and all in-between
To take a stroll along your legs to lick and suck, feet and toes
I actually like to talk, you know, as long as you let me listen more
I’ve cut a rug, when the mood swings my hips to the jazzy blues
I can bring you to a dip and twirl you around into my arms
Where the first thought, are, for our lips to meet
What happens next, well, that’s between, me and you

If you dare to open. Look inside, pull out
The part of me that is quiet and meek, often appears
Nothing to say that would change the world
No inspired words written in stone that could shed tears
In silent meditation often found
With cigarettes, coffee and a bong
I love to read and I love reading you
To feel the strum from your heart echo in mine
As they escape from the cracks of time
Filling with thoughts exploding in my head

If you dare to open. Look inside, pull out
See my darkness, that could, consume a black hole
Gobble up the entire universe and swallow it down
Scars that run along the flesh, some self inflicted
To the ones, that never heal, holding my spirit captive
An invisible being, trapped in a forest by the sea
Lost and found, playing a game of make-believe
A single photo, of a self portrait fades
As time passes by, the more I disappear
If you dare to open this envelope filled with me


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