A Blood Moon Dream, To Rise

Bring forth a wish that it may be
As thought and as sketched, free
Her eyes live, every night and day
Sleep comes, as dreams to sway
A bleeding heart that stains inside
A blood moon dream, to rise

He stands to flex his muscled frame
Ignites with energy, the mood takes to flame
Flesh that glows red
On bended knees, she knelt
In breath of whispers, filling her eyes
A blood moon dream, to rise

Thumping echoes that beat in rhyme
Jungle love keeping time
Tapping toes to a rhythmic sound
Heat burning up, from the ground
Spirit force that consumes the sky
A blood moon dream, to rise

Her lips lick with a saliva shine
His fingers laced through her locks, chanting “mine”
With a twitch of his rod
Gives her the nod
Her breath hitches, stuttered sigh
A blood moon dream, to rise

Flowing souls erupt with grace
Palms caress, his beauty’s face
Thumb slides, across her swollen mouth
Her eyes, glide down, north to south
A vision beheld by shadows guise
A blood moon dream, to rise

Rapture born by a yearning plea
The want far greater, deeper, than the sea
To have, to hold, the cup of life
Swallow whole, appetite
Sip the drip, lick the milk and smile
A blood moon dream, to rise


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