Venus and Mars

A moment of bliss, takes over
Permission to board, is given
Captains of fate, connected by stars
That aligned, Venus with Mars

The energy peaking into its lustful state
Bodies shake with a trembling quake
Making love by the sea comes to an end
Two ships that pass, head to head

That embraceable hold, known as, to conquer
Only travellers with an open heart, can muster
The life they lead is to wander in song
Creating memories, recorded in ships log

Cherished by a fleeting moment
Forgetting, the rest of the world existed
The now is here, take hold and seize the day
Tomorrow is tomorrow, come what may

Forever charmed, arm in arm
No matter where, here or there
An alliance forged, by chalice and sword
For if they pass, may the future embrace the past

It’s a small world after all, we should believe
When opportunity knocks, open the fucking door
Drop the sails, set anchor down and let it be
Make love, not once but all night long

Tomorrow comes, the wind begins to blow
The time is here, to let go
Drift apart by rolling waves
As slow as possible, torture craves

The smell of the sea, will always be
A reminder, to live happy and free
The sad, would be letting chance slip by
To never have had, a magical ride


4 thoughts on “Venus and Mars

  1. Enchanting! You must know by now however that my favorite line is this:
    ‘When opportunity knocks, open the fucking door’

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