Would you be free, as much as you want to be
If you had one. Just one chance to have fun
All out balls, nothing holding back, stand or fall
Drunk enough to dance like you don’t care, stuff
Like, move around all sexy and shit and knows it
Flaunts the assets, shimmies, shakes, passion sweats
Twirling the air, a tornadoes flair
Getting the attention, is the intention
Eyes so blue it borders on cruel
Falling for those sapphire gems, calling
Strides to the floor, slides next to her
A hand on a hip, the other leads with a whip
Turns her into a spin, brings her in, chin to chin
In that moment, it sparked, her gaze frozen
The feel of his beating heart on her chest fleeting
As another beats against her back, in attack?
He holds her waist and turns a one-eighty
Spies a jaw line, sharp as a razors edge
Her breath hitched, her legs twitched
Her pussy gets wet, teased by two gents
Tall, dark and handsome with a mysterious smirk
His allure could disrobe her right there
Golden locks, kissed by the sun, cocks
Like a wave crashing in, with his naughty boy grin
Blue eyes, smells like a patchouli high
With a smile that bullets dimples
Side to side, exchanging glances
A brown so deep, his tears would be a chocolate treat
Dizzy, the head gets by the thought of regret
Tiny white wings, whispering to be good
As a pitchfork pokes the strobe down below
Telling her to let go, enjoy with gusto
She steps aside to watch them rattle
Like two Rams, head to head battle
Gridiron gladiators, wrestling for her attention
Enticing her affection
To choose the victor
A pause to hear her whisper
It’s a draw