Damn Kiss

damn kiss, that damned kiss
flutters off the lips
sending shivers numbing finger tips
it murmurs through time in a silent stealth
it sucks the breath
reaching out to touch with a miss
the thought of never having this
drifting off in a glare
roaming the skies
sit and stare
wanting it so, so not fair
its up, its down, it dances with the breeze
it comes, it goes, it toys with ease
damn kiss, that damned kiss
such a tease
placed on lips it tingles and plays
a bluesy rhythm with a soulful start
strums the strings that rips the heart apart
skipping stones, that leap and sweep
across waves, rolling in the deep
water ripples fades away
a kiss I do pray
from lips honey sweet, to feed a crave in need
my lips, to your lips plead
damn kiss, that damned kiss
cuts to bleed


19 thoughts on “Damn Kiss

  1. Ah, the curse of a really good kiss – that you need it so bad when you can’t have it.

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