Wrapped in silk, eyes enticed by curves that whisper words like waves that swerve.
With each step from the light,
shadows create a sight, that pulls.

Falling deep into the abyss, where sparkling onyx tricks the eyes to rise and fall along her majestic form.
As she glides, leading his eyes.

Frozen, almost in time, every second ticks as her heels click in a rhythm and rhyme.
Beguiling the eyes, leaving him breathing sublime.

His heart pounds, left wanting and found, his desire follows the lead, of the pipers tune.
That sways like a pendulum does, left to right becoming unwound.

Anger grows inside, it blossoms with an exotic ride of the mind, sinking teeth, taking bites, that travel from the toes, to thighs.

Tasting her sex, as it coats his lips and tongue, leaving traces for her to devour, when their mouths unite, in a deep sultry kiss.

Exposing their senses, where a man and woman bond, carnal knowledge, taking and giving, their most sacred of sexual pleasures.

Moments created, that are etched and sketched, forever engraved in the name of love and never to be left, with a feeling of saudade.


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