The pain surged, as gale-force winds blew
The stinging spray from the sea whips
Like the tip, of snapping leather rips

Every slap across the face, echoes
The sound of another child burned
At the hand that rocks the cradle, scorned

Drenched by flowing tears
A storm that never disappears
Until a hurricane wipes clear

A hate that rises from the depths of despair
Deep as the lowest point in the sea
Turning cold, a heart that does not see

The boy, becomes a man
Toe to toe, eye to eye
Face, to face the end of a reign

Words are worthless, no need to explain
A simple stare from the dark side of hell
As the blade pierces the flesh in pain

Eyes once black, strikes to fire
As flames grow higher
Penetrating steel burns brighter

No twitch nor a sinister grin
Taking a life is a sin
There is no joy, no triumphant win

All that’s left is an end to the misery of a past
Except for the blade, still held in hand
It’s ghost gleams off the razor sharp edge

Pray for death, to clear the mind
Wish for it, in hopes to find
An afterlife, filled with love, in kind