No Fence, No Wall

Staring into the sun
Burning the image of you, it pulls every tear from my eyes
Missing so much
The light I see, I have lost to another place and time
Every day your glow shows
Mild and meek, hardly, barely there
Passing by, saying hi
A wisp of the scent that lured me in
Days when they’re bright
A smile tags along with words of love
The heart sighs
Being called, “babe” is a fucking turn on
Some like it hot
Yes. Some like it very hot, it steams
The temperature rises
Coming down, sets afire flaming up
Trading poems across the land
From thoughts exploding in our heads
The poet, the writer
The scribe who tries to inspire
From the tip of Mount Fuji
Down to the Aussies
Spiralling up through the funnel of Africa
Asian treats on the streets of India
North where Anastasia was born
Eyeing the lines of European finest
The gods of Greece
In war with the Roman Empire
Paris, where the smell of bread and women
Are equally as one
It’s the truth. Ask anyone who’s been there
The frigid waters lead to the land of Chips and Ale
It gave us Shakespeare
He would have loved the salsa beat
Shaking his booty
From Brazil to the Cuban party
Drinking tequila before crossing the border from Mexico
Zig zagging across the land, south of my home
No fence, no wall
Brothers and Sisters, us all


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