Sexual Fantasy

His journey over her curves
Dipping and turning
Side to side, swerving
Bottom to top, erotically slow
Resting at her neck as kisses flow
Breath, hot and heavy
The climb is steady
It ignites his loins ready
Giving rise to his heart
Pumping blood to his head
Swelling its girth
While rubbing her nub
Pearly button protrudes
Bulb of his cock, salutes her clits humming fits
Propelling throbs, lustfully telling
Smooth as silk
Her legs held high, parting
Down into her depths
Treacherous when wet
A firm grip required
Skimming through folds desired
Drop in the hole
Tongue fucking her bold
Dreamy-eyed, in a sensuous hold
She bites her lip, she explodes
Twisting, twitching, kicking and hissing
Orgasms that flutter
Her words stutter
She moans in ecstasy
Spun dancing to a melody
Played by a symphony
High, Held Heavenly
Wild ride through rhapsody
Lost, in a world of sexual fantasy





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