Unholy Chalice 

There was no word to describe the first breath taken
For it was pure, without sin, the air filling in
The taste of paradise was all they knew
No right or wrong, just living free
Temptation lured a heart of want
How could it be, to be tempted like that
To want more than what paradise has given
A single bite that tears the fabric of life
The swallow of knowledge to inherit the earth
And all that it has to create a path of destruction

Disobedience, the first of many
Skulls started stacking up, murder with malice
A new church sprung from the darkest depths
It had no name, until fire lit it up and everyone yelled, Hell!
The flames burned away the character lines on faces
Those that made unique in creed, colour and races
Here, where bone becomes stone faceless
The sky never seen, stars and moon forgotten
Cradled and huddled, spun in circles
A pedestal holds the Unholy Chalice

A monument of time, a collectors collection
Designing a temple that would hold the spirit
Of the damned and lost who gave up on life
Filling the cup, with blood, drawn by a knife
Slashing, piercing, controlling the pain
Fuelled by the dark from inside the mind
Depression is found hiding
Past, present and future, hurting
There is no heaven, no hell
The end comes with the final bell

Poem by Ax

Images by Aderhine DeviantArt

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      1. It’s pretty cool. It freaked my friend out, but I think I’d like it…not sure what that says about me! 😉💜💀

      2. Aw, thanks. 🙏🏼 One of the readers of my NY journal who was not on WP specifically requested I write about my life every day in Seattle, she loved reading how I experience the world so much. Ha! Not sure about that yet…but no doubt it’d entertain. Thanks, again, my friend. Namaste! 🙏🏼✨

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