15 thoughts on “dimmi

  1. You always surprise me Ax. It is a pleasure to keep returning to your blog (though in this case I will have to use Google translate)

    1. dimmi
      che cosa hai desiderio
      sarebbe di sentire il tocco di incendio
      o sarebbe di sentire amore ispirato

      Tell me
      What do you desire
      Would it be to feel the touch of fire
      Or would it be to feel love inspired
      Tell me

      My Italian is not that good. Trying to get better and I need to learn French too. She I’ll be doing poems in French soon.

      As always love your visits πŸ™βž°β€οΈ

  2. I have no idea what that means but it sounds so good that I’m going to say Bang-o-rang!

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