Friday Night Session

I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Your hidden eyes through fabric comes in view.
Like a visit to my mind, creating thoughts, explosive.
Watch me undress, drop my shorts, rest my head on a feathered pillow.
Your eyes glide along with my licking lips.
The stubble on my chin, sparkles from a candles flicker.
Your stare holds, to snare a visual embrace.
Flowing with my heaving chest, surfing to rise to a sweetly crest.
A belly that ripples, to a canyon with a monumental pillar.
Standing free, with its own gentle wave
Waiting for the beginning, of a Friday Night Session.
A climbers grip, caressing the challenge
To scale and stroke my package.
I get turned on by you.
Yes you, looking from behind the curtain.
Tempo rising, beating beats, that beat, beat, beat.
Up and down, around the head and back again.
Thighs that thunder, as muscles tighten.
Curling toes, they grasp the air.
The floating image of that curtain.
Blows aside, revealing who lurks wanton.
Watching every move with yearning.
Drawing breaths, calling to join in.
With every step towards the bed.
Inflates my bulging head to purple red.
Butt-cheeks clench to close.
Before releasing the dose.


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      1. Pshaw. Stop it. πŸ™‚ You’re awesome. I think I have some practice of my own to do now…

        Also…you are the best with pictures. I don’t know how you do it, but they are always spot on! ❀

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