Bad Boy

Country dweller. Bad boy wanderer
Miles on the hide. Man on a ride
Boots designed. To cradle a peddle
Spurs that jangle. Walks to a jingle
Chicks dig the silver. Of a cowboys vigor
Legs a little bow’ie. From riding a palomino pony

Highway drifter. Bad boy wanderer
A shot of time. When given red eyes
The bite of life. Surging through veins ignite
Under the cover. Of a dark shadows rumble
Humming along. A riders wind song
Legs a little bow’ie. From riding a Harley

City slicker. Bad boy wanderer
A line to entice. Pomp in sinful vice
No tell, motel. Spinning carousel
Sucking and fucking. The night into a frenzy
A one night stand. Regret? Fuck that
Legs a little bow’ie. From riding a sweet honey


9 thoughts on “Bad Boy

  1. …as one “gentleman word-slinger” to another…(love that handle)…well-done, well-played.
    And there’s nothing like the story if a good-girl-gone-bad by way of a bad boy.
    Keep the dream alive. (and stay lit).
    Chazz Vincent

  2. Everyone loves a bad boy ;). Nice visualization. Except I think the woman would be walking bow legged from riding long and hard all night.

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