Rise Higher Than Mountains Tower

A time of innocence, a time of chivalry
To felicitous, a grand soliloquy
Let the heart recite in verse
Allow it to bleed, soak calm the nerves
Truest love, can be found, by chance
It’s a matter of, stepping out, to dance
A walk in a park, taking a bench for a ride
Creating innocent smiles, nothing to hide
Take the sun, as it shines down
Showing the lines, that include the frowns
Breathe in the same, clean crisp air
Sharing words that float with care
Liquor tells the truth, in a drunken state
Is an asshole who gets trashed on a first date
His intentions, are measured by notches
And how many fingers, he orders his scotches
“A Gentleman, Is A Patient Wolf” do heed these words
A master of his own domaine, controls his world
Under care and watchful eye, pedestaled would be
The Little Girl, who obeys, on her knees
Desire plays a nasty game, the want is clear
It can bring joys of happiness and a sorrows tear
Courtships consummate
Made to procreate
Some just wanna fuck, like ducks to water
Be on their way, without a cuddle
One act of kindness, is above all else
How a smile given, simply melts
The endearing affection of receiving flowers
Rise higher than mountains tower


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