Speedometer surging towards maximum velocity
Clutch down, toe to brake, a heel to blip the throttle
Release, as it revs to 4000, nail the fucking peddle to the metal
Screaming alloy, madly turbos, a midnight banshee

A curve rips up from a blur that stirs, the hearts valve swerves
Fuel injection, pistons pumping, hard-on right, Goodyear spinning
The black, hard-on steel, bends to a sultry vision appearing
The spray from braking hard, slicks up to coat her curves

Oh, these words, do hear, as I try to sear, your thoughts exploding…

Follow those lines that part her limbs
Draped in classics, a vogue cover shot
Her elegance draws hummingbirds to stop
They gaze upon this flower with foolish whims

Within the Lady lies, a tempest rhyme
The coo, from a cock, flying by excites
Flashes that slash a whiplash ignites
Turns a sight, a devilish sweet sublime

Just like that, wet as a cat in the rain without a hat
Drenched to the flesh, the winds mold her hold
A goddess shows, her bounties bold
Flying cape, draws a desire to mount, that

Screeching halt that spins a 180
Headlights blaze in her direction
Revving engine sings a songs affection
Oh baby, you drive me crazy


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  1. Nice! Let’s go for a ride……. You should watch Lana Del Ray “Burning Desire” ” I drive fast, wind in my hair”………

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