I am to weak to see
stumbling in a daze
emotions run wild
th’thoughts of love spins in a craze

mindless, helpless
drifting off the face
everything is black but disguised
in, in a utopian grace

filters that lens
rose coloured glasses
makes everything appear
b’beautiful to the masses

colours that ignite
by a glorious sun
at night, dazzled by stars
h’hearts spin, heads spun

creatures that flutter
and those that scurry
with giant leaps
th’they bound to fly in a hurry

the perfect world
the perfect place
where love is surely found
to, to stroke my face

the road was long, it curved, it dipped
it made turns with no sense
the pace was slow as much as it was fast
b’but when it crashed, it was intense

countless steps along the way
falling down, becoming weaker
hope faded
s’stopped being a believer

soaked in the blood that runs through my veins
dear Earth, my knees, they bend with ease
take me back as dust
i, i beg you please


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