Wanting You, From Afar

I’ve held your hand
Caressed with fingers laced
Tracing thumb to thumb

I’ve held you close
Sharing the same breaths
Where beating hearts beat as one

I’ve kissed your lips
The taste of honeysuckle rose
Champagne bubbles dance on flicking tongues

I’ve kissed you whole
Spinning a merry-go-round
Every inch from head to toe

I’ve had your love
Deep in the recesses of my soul
Passion filled, desire finds

I’ve had you now
Where only thoughts occupy my mind
Wanting you, from afar


14 thoughts on “Wanting You, From Afar

  1. Another awesome one. Your words flow beautifully from your heart and soul to paper.

    Ive met you once
    In a dream
    Another place
    Another time
    Ras xxx

  2. You have the whole package with yearning. I think most of your readers can relate to this poem lusting or wanting and desiring someone in their essence from afar ❀ ❀ ❀

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