Oh Death

Oh death, how distant you are from birth
The thought of you does not exist
With the first inhale a life begins anew
Journey into the unknown, of a world
Spinning circles as time begins to count
Numbers adding up from one to ninety-nine
Each a candle burns, year after year
Some reach a century’s worth or more

Oh death, how distant you are from youth
Taking chances through many roads
Leading a way, come what may
Buzzing on a high, bungee jumping dive
Basement parties, acting cool for the honeys
Chasing down thrills and dreams
Wondering what tomorrow will bring
As age begins to call, settle down before the fall

Oh death, how close you are in time
Plans to make it right, some came out wrong
Passion found, passion lost
Promises made, to those who left, in blame
Making it right, at times carried by the winds
Chances had, too many, now forgotten sins
Days fly by, so many yesterday’s missed
Wondering where time flys

Oh death, how close you are to me now
I can taste the driest drink
It would be more refreshing than your gift
That ends with a final breath
The heart thumps the last beat
A silent echo waits to repeat
Oh death!
Oh death!


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