Faerie Tale Tears

Dream come true, every little girl sees
A dress that flows, white as the moon
Long satin sheen, turns blue in a twirl
Corsette tied with silk, gems on lace, trace
Golden locks that bounce, each step leads a trance
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears

Music fills the air, it smells of buttercream cakes
Wine in silver goblets rest, a silence takes her breath
The Prince begets a trail of maidens, stone-hearted gasp
Green with envy, it pulls their smiles to scowls
Whispers swirl the chamber hall, his begins a song
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears

A princely bow, invites a hand to dance
Enchantment under the stars, twinkles a moment
A sigh expelled from a deep breath, Perfect! whispered
The first chime of many, still to come
Love blooms, like flowers from springs showers
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears

The end of a dream appears, before the clock strikes twelve
Back to a life, where sadness fills routine
Remembering a night, when fate turned to chance
If death comes tomorrow, she would leave without regret
But a wish may come true, if wished hard enough
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears

A prince or a pauper, no matter, in search of a cinderella story
One clue left behind to follow, a precious glass slipper
To find the one who stole his heart, at the stroke of midnight
Down the valley low to the tops where it snows
None rest, until he finds his loves quest
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears

Tomorrow, tomorrow, this day looks to tomorrow
At every strike, a bell tolls
Its vibrating sound, shakes walls to rumble
As the final click and clank of the hand moves forward
Where a clock ushers in, a new day
As eyes glaze, over, Faerie Tale Tears


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