Dirty Diana

She told him, that she was a virgin
her mind, pure, without sin

He was led to believe he was the first
the only one, to quench her thirst

Started off slow, easy comes what may
delicate kisses, teasing the heart to sway

AC/DC started to play; Sin City
well, that was all it took to get dirty

She rose up, Diana was her name
you could see her desire ignite, aflame

Hips began to move with a grind
little circles, filling his mind

His eyes drawn, followed along
she shimmied and shaked to a rock song

Stirring up when Angus ran a riff
she cupped her twat, like Madonna did

Tossed her hair about, head bangin hard
he fell for this rocker chicks heart

Matching her moves, move on in
getting his mojo, flowing with a grin

Rotating hips, legs that scissor
groin to groin, sex takes over

Stripped to the bare, exposed
heated flesh over covered bones

Boogie, rattle and hum
rub a dub dub, gettin some

Drums rise to skyscraper heights
double down beats thrust with bites

A climax erupts with pyro bursts
lit thunder, followed by a lightning surge

Crash the wall, standing with heels
her eyes lay sultry calling him to kneel

“Light Up, Everybody” Styx started the next tune
she curled her finger, he crawled to her poon!

Spreading her legs, lifting her skirt
showing her button, glistening and pert

A kiss on her clit, tender with care
followed by the tongue, in a lapping flair

His talent surpasses even the licks, that Slash
can slide and glide along his mighty Axe

Her hands run through, grasping his hair
digging deep, she called out in a prayer

“I’m a good girl” she whispered as she came
that’s when, Dirty Diana started to play


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