Of The Sea 

rain, on me sweetly
so droplets land like kisses
cooling the flesh it tingles
locks soaking wet, it coats the neck
streaming down along the spine
a caress that wets the heart
while feigning a smile
to end the missing
all in the presence, of the sea
reign, over me sweetly
of loves everlasting promises
filling the soul it soothes
with each word hauntingly given
scars of memories, left piercing
the heart, without malice, is caressed
while feigning a smile
painfully living
along the shores, of the sea
rein, me in sweetly
to bosoms bloom embracing a need
it comforts with each touch
melting hearts, led through ages
aching to be held, quote the sages
in a touchless, painless caress
while feigning a smile
pulled under, drowning
by the deep, keep, of the sea


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