Natures Passion ~ A duet

Hi gang. Another installment with WetBliss. Please link to the original, like and comment if you wish on her blog. Her leadership in the bucket list series produced this fiery piece. Natures Passion.

Why I enjoy writing with WetBliss. Besides the obvious, raw, tantalizing, sensual, sexual, heart beating, breath sighing, twitch in my seat excitement of sharing a page? Her deep mastery of evoking as much mind provoking thought as the heat in how it’s delivered.
More than a goddess that slings passion through words. It’s combined with her sincere appreciation of anyone she writes with. There are many who have and for good reason. She is that Fucking Good!

M’Bliss. Thank you for sharing another dance with me. Truest gift anyone can cherish and I do 🙏➰❤️

Thanks to all who have liked and commented.
merci beaucoup
Mille grazie

Wet Bliss

Written by: AntönyRös & Wet Bliss

An installment of our Bucket List series. 


Through early dawns mist, following twists
They set out to check another off the list
A walk on the wild side in elevations high
For a dip and sunbathing completely nude
With an open invitation to wandering eyes
Once caught in view attitudes turn lewd

Bubbling hot-spring steams high, touches sky
She gives me the eye and says; in for a dive?
Quick as a wink, sink, dips back in the rock tub
Come, buzz to me my honeybee queen
Let’s rub a dub dub to get our sex up
On top of a mountains peak, whitecaps sheen

Stone pillar gives rise up and out of water
Limbs stretched and splayed across rock altar
On bended knee she invokes rites of passage
Stroking at length until eyes spy’s movement
Reversing into position she has sight advantage

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