You Are My Poetry 

Funny how little words stand out like the rising sun.  Calling birds to sing in the mornings grace.  The cool air from the nights slumbering face awakes.  As the trees sway, the thought of you comes my way. So, so far away, I can’t see but I can feel your hearts beating thunder.  Your soul as it flutters with a good, my hope for earth is renewed.  All it takes is one, to start the chain, effect that can change, one love, into many.  When the darkness comes, I hide, like so many of us.  Scared to take that step, which leads the walk that comes from talk.  Street lights and headlights, illuminating the way, where evil lives to breathe and play.  My mind is filthy, it stalks your lines.   It licks the very thought that comes to be from your poetry.   Your flowing words ignite a fire deep inside.   Erection, the effect, from the cause of reading your poetic affection.  


8 thoughts on “You Are My Poetry 

    Piercing into me, your eyes fire up the desires I have not woken since after a long time that my heart has not beaten for someone who would long to own and keep and seize every second with moments of ecstatic rhythms of our hearts dancing together to the same music ringing in our minds unheard by the outside world foreign to the depth of the love we will share until the sun seizes to warm our bodies walking aimlessly on the sands of our lives now treading the same beach and touching the same crystal clear seas witness to the beginning of our romance born under the stars which shall eternally guide our hearts to the eternity we will both seek until I breathe the last of your breaths in this life with you.

      1. Same here. I dig your style. I really don’t have one. It’s sort of off the leash. I’m not a trained writer. Appreciate the visit and chat. Be well. Catch you soon

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