Bronzed, Sculpted and Petrified 

Your striking beauty fills, it illuminates a vision that spreads, far as these weary eyes can see. They droop from the daily grind, being pulled down, by screens that talk with a voiceless glow. Reply, Reply all, Forward…how it goes. Do you speak English? No! C’est parfait, we’ll make it work. Everyone looking for an answer, I’m ready to give. If I can’t, let me get back to you sometime tomorrow. The in-between, continues to lead me to you. I imagine the light that must ride along your side. With every step, a little sassy glide to catch my sight. It would hold it steady, let them gaze. The closer you get, the more excited my breath. Deeply inhaling, holding, releasing. Snorting in the scent that invades. A tonic, a sensual elixir, making drunk, this awestruck sucker. With every whiff, the wind whips, a painted canvass. Brushed, strokes that splay like wide-eyed sunflower petals. Beaming light, the sky cries, sunshine down in drops of warmth and love. Let it rain, let it rain, drench my flesh to feel the weight of you. Rags that hang now cling to my skeleton frame. Soaked to the bone by your heated bliss, I am left bronzed, sculpted and petrified.


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