Nice and Slow

Bend over
there you go
Slide, glide
down from the thigh
Running palms
fingers wrap
Stockings zip
a silky grind
Heels click
stepping, side to side
Eyes spy
a derrière so fine
Heart shaped bulb
hips that call
Hold on for a ride
handles to grasp
Flick a lick
get inside
Make her moan
before time runs out
Hole to hole
glory be, inhaling wholly
Trembling legs
knees wobbly
Arching back
stretching wildly
Begs to feel
a penetrating read
Thrusting phrases
fucking crazy
Bucking mad
a stampede rush
Snorting lines
sweet and sultry
Drunk on wine
bottled mine
Nice and slow
how it goes
Savour the flavour
now flip over


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