Satine et Steele i / v

Satin sheets and shiny steel
Cool on flesh, equally well
Ruffling fibers wave, like the sea
Rattling chain, dangles with bangles
Rubbing knees, holding in desire
Mind blowing ecstacy, driving madly
Thoughts in her head, exploding
Sir coming home, she, pleading hurry
His key, a one of a kind
That unlocks the shackles, round ankles
Spread open, her scent flowin’
Glistening sheen from drops of dew
Rose petals blossom, a pinkish hue
Whispers…”I need you”
He curls a wicked smile
She purrs, a kitten on fire
madamoiselle et monsior
Satine et Steele
As fine as any art, hung at the louvre


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