Ode to Pain

The constant pounding that carries through space
Yet trapped inside a head that bleeds black, a gravity-less chase
Alone and lost, a forgotten child begotten
Worn through the years spun tight as cotton
Stretched and tattered, pinholes that have torn
Left gaping and forlorn
Light is the fire that boils the blackness red
This is happening inside the head
Temperatures rise
Watering eyes
It starts off clear
This saline tear
Quickly it floods
Tears cascade, it falls to the sound of beating clubs
A box, a cell, a cavernous room, gives darkness the space to play
It’s yearning desire to fuck with the mind all day
Feed it the pills to combat the pain
Wrap it in blankets, rolled in a pillows restrain
Every effort made
Waiting for it to fade
When red flows
Pain glows
It is fire! like razors that beam in a riddle
Sun light! are swords, like the one named Needle
Explosions of blinding colours, the tops of mountains seem small
Compared to Pain when it peaks to fall
It’s rather beautiful at what it can do
Shrivels a man blue
Owning every fiber that travels the body
Twisting and contorting oddly
Curling up as a fetus
Pray, to sweet Jesus


there was a man, who always walked alone
or so he thought!

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