Satine et Steele iv/v

her morning glow, begins as fire
lights the sky, as night fades on
she sits up top, looking all hot
she’ll burn you if you don’t watch out
she’s the one I think about
when it’s chilly outside
as I rise, where night meets day
and brushes, my faintly glow
to stroke along her setting sun
with burning curves, oh my
my shining face, cool as snow
will always know
pass we will but never touch
a will to reach, yet far behind
where you will find
a promise, mine
follow you, I will
to the end, of time


Hi beautiful people. Satine is my muse. She is real and she is of this world.
Steele, is my heart, the shell is solid, in a painful way. What is broken, is in the inside, it does not bleed but the ache is heavy.

We are now up to 33 followers on my private site but I think half are no longer around. We come and go, which is cool. One day me too. I appreciate all the kindness shown. Ive said before, your visits are Golden. Thank you 🙏➰❤️

Isn’t the artwork pic used, awesome.   I fucking love it.   I get all my pics from Tumblr.  Great site for me.   People leave me alone there ha!.  And they post amazing photos as a resource for poetry.  Love the collaboration.   Thank you to all on tumblr who follow me and those I follow.   

As for the piece above.  The original source site does not come up on tumblr, for some reason but the name is HERE

8 thoughts on “Satine et Steele iv/v

  1. Beautiful, Ax. So can you clarify? Is this page I’m viewing now private? Just trying to make sure I understand what’s what. 🙂

      1. Aw, honored to be here. Thank you for that! 🙏🏼💜 And thank you…challenging times of late, but I always have poetry and friends like you, so that puts a smile on my face. With gratitude, Em 😘

      2. That would be lovely! Yes, let me know 😊 Also, WP is not notifying me of these replies here on your page for some reason, I’m having to manually refresh. I never ignore comments so if I haven’t replied it’s because I haven’t seen it. 😊 Have a good evening, it’s a beautiful one. 🌙

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