The Perfect Time ~ A Duet

Red Hot Stilettos….you all know this Naughty Wild Girl. If you don’t, no shame, make it right and link to her site. Follow along, dance to her sensuous, erotic songs. Her fiery style will stir your hearts desire ➰

One day, in my inbox, a message arrived from this lovely lady I call friend with not a request to write. She sent me the first part of our duet. The invitation was clear. She didn’t ask if I’d be interested. I was compelled and the result was this. She is the architect. The leader. The vision of this erotic tale came from this amazing woman.
All I did was follow, like a good little boy with my tongue hanging out.

mille grazie Wild Girl, first for your friendship and always for your loving support.

Naughty Wild Girl

imageSitting on the edge of the bed

Stand before me – I’m Waiting to be fed

Run your succulent tip across my lips

Craving every inch grinding my hips

Appetite fierce needing an ample taste

Licking up and down – Never to waste

Feed me your cock down to your jewels

Watch me devour you – Breaking the rules

Deep – Deeper – Deep throat

Every inch – Every drop – You’re my antidote


Every inch – Every drop – You’re my vessel

Kissing your lips, lick of a salty morsel

Neck in hand your pulse beats with passion

Bites that trail over flesh of breast – Nipples harden

Your ass rising up – My mouth going down

Tongues first glide stirs a purring sound

Lapping through your folds – Flick your button

Press and suck your juices gushin

Deep to the soul G-spot humming

Perfect time – For hard…

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