Soaked In Blood

The horizon spreads across,
glowing red with might,
the summers heat beats down,
as waves rise,
taking flight.

Dragons with saddles strapped to their backs,
carrying their rider,
blazing sun,
scorching hot,
blowing breath,
hell sprays fire.

Warriors armored in leather,
bows and arrows do battle in the sky,
herds of galloping horses,
soldiers with swords held high.

A summers clash,
between Titans and Olympians for desire,
to rule the heavens that watch down,
as earths godly sire.

Summers heat beats down,
filling the mind,
day and night,
a stroke induced dream,
the mind leads to fight.

A lone victor stands with weapon in hands,
as a tear falls to the ground where he stands.

The earth soaked in blood,
a mix between animal and man,
red from the setting sun,
all that’s left of a battle that began.


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